Machine Translations


Machine Translations is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and home-recordist J.Walker. Machine Translations' music falls happily between the musical chairs of pop and art, incorporating guitar rock, eastern instruments, fragmented loops and sing-along choruses. In existence now for over 6 years, the musical terrain of Machine Translations has become rich and strange indeed, and the band is generally recognised as one of Australia’s most original music acts.

Machine Translations have released six full-length albums and an EP in Australia - the latest album being Venus Traps Fly.

Following his move to Melbourne, J.Walker has put together a wonderful live band featuring Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Violin and Samples which has been receiving rave reviews from the Australian music press. Machine Translations has toured Australia many times, both as a headline act and as a support for overseas acts such as Lloyd Cole, Spoon, Will Oldham, Teenage Fanclub, Catpower, Mogwai, Badly Drawn Boy and major Australian bands such as the Church and the Dirty Three. The band also completed a successful 7-week international tour in 2001, taking in North America, the UK, Holland, France and Germany.

Machine Translations are signed in Australia to influential independent label Spunk Records, and to Mushroom music publishing.

Machine Translations


‘inventive song-writing and dazzling studio alchemy’ – New York Times

‘simultaneously beautiful and magnificently cracked’ – Brisbane Courier Mail

'awesome...introspective and free of the constraints of expectation...a natural gem' – Juice Magazine

‘The Holy Grail of the contemporary music scene, a modern classic’ – Canberra Times

'J.Walker takes folk into the great beyond...and it's very beautiful' - Rolling Stone

‘fascinating listening…a must-see live show’ – Sydney Morning Herald

'don't try and categorise this…it's simply unique and brilliant' - Buzz Magazine

'best new talent' - The Melbourne Age

'this is music to cherish and learn from' – Revolver Magazine



1997 Abstract Poverty - album

1998 Halo - album

1999 Holiday In Spain - album

2001 Bad Shapes - album

2002 Happy - album

2003 Love On The Vine - EP

2004 Venus Traps Fly - album